International Buy Nothing Day

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Nati is a  girl who is trying to make a positive impact on the world, by small and everyday actions. Supported by husband Gabi and cat Toni.

Buy Nothing Day - November 28th

Nati tells us – 

As a protest against consumerism, Buy Nothing Day originated in Canada in 1992. It’s the brainchild of Vancouver based artist Ted Dave.

Buy Nothing Day is “a day for society to examine the issue of over-consumption.”

In the past years, the day spread out across other nations and is currently “celebrated” in over 65 nations. Although the day has received critical feedback that it just delays the shopping, rather than changing the underlying habits, I still think it is a great initiative that should be supported.

I hope there comes a time where “Buy Nothing Day” is no longer necessary and every day is shifted to “Buy Within the Boundaries of the Planet Day”, but until then, count me in!” 

This week’s Global Write is about need vs wants. Too often we panic buy on big sale days like Black Friday or Cyber Monday because we feel we need items. When really we are indulging in a practice driven by the need to want what we can’t have. So on these sales days, we are driven by marketing and advertising telling us we can afford to buy. We are driven by consumerism


Watch the following video and brainstorm all the things that you see, think, and wonder about Black Friday and Cyber Monday. You could do this in your Writers Notebook. Here is a template that might help you.



What else can I do on Buy Nothing Day – besides not shopping?

Prompt 1 - I Could Do….

Write about something you could do on Buy Nothing Day that involves not spending money. Draw a picture and explain your idea. Remember to use descriptive words to make your writing powerful. 
This prompt might get you started – On Buy Nothing Day I could ………

Prompt 2 - The Buy Nothing Hike

Imagine it is ‘Buy Nothing Day’ and you have decided to go on a hike instead of spending money. Take yourself away from the shops and the internet. Just a day of tranquillity. 
Where do you go? 
Nati in her article suggested a long walk on the beach, in the forest, a park, or next to the river. 
Choose your tranquil place and describe your surroundings. Think outside the box, maybe your tranquil place is somewhere you have dreamt about.
It is always important you record your thinking before you write. Brainstorm all the things you might feel, see or smell on your walk before you start drafting. The Y chart below might help you gather your thoughts.
A hint: Alliteration, similes, metaphors or personification might help capture your audience’s attention. 
Challenge yourself – See if you can add a quote to conclude your writing piece linked to Buy Nothing Day

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