BitesizeSDGs are a daily provocation for ALL learners who are interested in working alongside the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – making learning meaningful, inquiry-based and providing opportunities to be action packed.


Created by educators Tim Black and Nichola de Montaigne, BitesizeSDGs offer busy learners a “bitesized” inquiry that once delivered can fuel the agency and action we need in today’s world. Each provocation encourages learners to think more critically about how we, as respectful and caring citizens, can work together, making the world a more peaceful and sustainable place.


Working through the BitesizeSDGs and using the hashtag: #bitesizeSDGs creates an opportunity to learn together, sharing meaningful experiences, changing the world one bite at a time. Although covering complicated world issues, there is a simplicity to each of the “bites” we can take together. 


Tune in to #bitesizeSDGs and help busy learners keep well-informed on current affairs and the tools needed to make the world a better place. Contact @tblackTAB & @Nicholajdm to collaborate – we believe by working together, we can achieve so much more.



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