Educational Leader, Visionary & Leading Teacher who empowers educators to be innovators & students to be the change-makers of the world.
Founder of #OGC & #theglobalwrite


Bronwyn Joyce

Founder and Creator of ‘The Global Write’

Bronwyn is a motivated, enthusiastic education specialist and Internationally renowned guest speaker. With a vast array of experience in fostering a cohesive learning atmosphere while embracing emerging knowledge of effective teaching and learning theory, with an emphasis on delivery of thorough and engaging education programs to students as well as the development and growth of strong school communities.

Bronwyn consistently demonstrates effective leadership, planning, and delivery as a leading teacher around the world. In her own personal time, she leads education globally as a speaker, innovator, and manager of online teams through her work at ‘The Global Write’. Bronwyn is constantly leading her own extensive training, development, and responsibility. She is someone who leads by example while integrating modern instructional techniques through development and has a strong understanding of the 21st Century Learning Framework.

In addition, Bronwyn has a strong entrepreneurial drive, utilizing digital platforms to mentor classroom teachers on an International scale. This passion has fuelled many worlds speaking tours to highlight the importance of preparing students to be ‘future ready’ something that aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Goals. Bronwyn believes we live in a world where we should be learning together. Her Global Classroom Education Network mission statement is simple – One World, One Classroom.

Proud Independent Individual Moments:
A recipient of iEARN’s National and International Scholarships; these acknowledgments have seen Bronwyn present in Qatar and Argentina as well as Brazil, leading workshops in India, and implementing Global Projects with several schools in China
2020 World Literacy Summit Panelist alongside the BBC, Financial times representatives, and entrepreneur Samantha Sisa – Speaking on the effect traditional literacy has had on the digital world
Three-part webinar delivery for the curriculum areas of Critical and Creative Thinking, Ethical Responsibilities and Intercultural Understandings for the Australian Curriculum Association
2020 AKS Global Teacher Award WInner, one of only two Australians to receive this award.

Together is better than doing it alone!