What is
The Global Write ?

The Global Write is a FREE learning experience for all ages that develops thinking, creativity and student voice . A place where learners can write about the world with the world. 

With global thinking tasks, learners from all over the world can submit their work and be provided with an authentic global audience and an opportunity to showcase their work as part of the ‘Global Write’ Gallery.

OUR Tasks Are

Inspiring and Global

Inspiring nomadic artist Joel Bergner paints murals with some of the most vulnerable communities in the world. His artwork provides a backdrop for writing prompts that allow learners to think critically and creatively about the messages hidden within his work. 

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Putting a fun & creative take on all things STEAM via educational resources.

amazelab provides a weekly STEAM Investigation for learners to connect to themes and create using science, technology, engineering, art and maths. 

The Global Write Supports

INVER Empowering Refugees

The Initiative for Nurturing Vulnerable & Empowerment for Resilience (INVER) is a refugee-led and oriented Community Based Organization (CBO) established in 2018. INVER seeks to promote the resilience and psycho-social well-being of refugees in Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya through program focusing on enterprise development, Adult literacy, sexual and reproductive health, sports and social cohesion.

The Global Write will work to support the INVER team bring a school and education for children to the Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya.


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The Global Write can be used as a weekly writing task or homework to be completed at home. We provide writing prompts that will inspire and motivate your learners to write independently and for an authentic audience. Using tools like Buncee, Flipgrid and Wakelet learners will be encouraged to submit their writing in creative and innovative ways. 

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