24 Different Activities to Connect with the SDGS this Festive Season.

Dec 1st : A Simple Act Of Kindness

Today is the first day of The Global Write Advent Calendar and we are featuring UN Global Goal 1 – No Poverty.


Poverty is something we own together as a community. More importantly, there are things we can do, together, to solve it.


So today, share in a message a simple act of kindness that you could do, to help someone living in poverty this Christmas, Hanukkah & Kwanzaa season. Think beyond money and the giving of materialistic items. Happiness is helping others.

Dec 2nd : What Do You Eat In A Week?

What do you eat in a week?


Create a digital poster or slideshow about foods you eat in your country for a week.

First click here 25 Kids From Around The World Photographed With What They Eat In One Week and get ideas about what your week looks like.


In your poster or video response reflect on kids around the world and tell us how can we stop food wastage and end world hunger.

Dec 3rd : How Can We Be Healthy?

Festive seasons can be a time when people eat a lot, relax on holidays and push their bodies to the limits.


Today on Day 3, we will reflect on Global Goal 3: Good Health and Well-Being.


We would simply like you to answer the following question – How can you be healthy during festive seasons? Make a poster, create a billboard and share you answers with us with some handy hints this festive season.

Dec 4th : Inspire To Dream

Indigenous students in Australia have shared their dreams for the future with us in the video.


What do you inspire to dream about this festive season?


Students, it may be a career you are striving to take on. Teachers, it may be a new role you wish you could try or even a career change that you dream about. Education is the catapult for all our futures.


Lets join together and inspire to dream. Leave your message here on Day 4 of The Global Write Advent Calendar.

Dec 5th : Equality For All

On Day 5, the Global Write team would like you to reflect on Amanda (14) a girl who believes it is unfair for women to be paid less for the same work as her male colleagues. She disagrees with the notion that being born a girl is a limitation in society rather than an incredible resource.


She will continue to fight gender stereotypes integrated into societal structures and demand equality between the sexes.


In your video today, we would like you to share with us a positive female role model in your community or life, someone who you look up to. Make sure you explain what makes them a role model to you.

Dec 6th : Being a Global Citizen

This festive season how can we promote clean water and sanitation?


So many children are dying from the lack of clean drinking and sanitary diseases. Let’s reflect on what we can do better – like saving water, following water restrictions etc.


Create a handmade or digital poster as part of your promotion. Use the video to generate facts for your work. Add some festive symbols and make sure when you share your video you share the glObal ‘O’ citizen symbol like at the end of the video.

DEC 7th : Eco-Friendly Light Display

Decorating houses, trees and shop windows is a tradition for many festive celebrations.


On Day 7, the Global Write team would like you to design your own eco friendly light display. Create a design or video a house or tree that is decorated with sustainable lighting and then explain how this lighting display uses affordable and clean energy.


Just a hint things that use solar power use renewable energy but I wonder how this may work at night. We can’t wait to see your designs and hear your explanations.

Advent Calendar Connections to the SDGs

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