November is National Novel Writing Month, and that means it’s the perfect time to celebrate student voice, creativity, and writing! That’s why I’m very excited to be hosting a special digital story contest, supported by Buncee and Capstone!

 Bronwyn Joyce – The Global Write Founder and Creator

How does it work?

Students in grades K-12 are welcome to participate. One winner will be chosen from each of the following grade level categories: 




Students can use text, video, audio, stickers, animations and more to write their own stories on Buncee! Educators can encourage students to start from scratch, or from a collection of ready to use templates, designed to guide students through the stages of the writing process. Have your students plan out their ideas, and build their story throughout the month, or go at a pace that’s best for your students.

You and your students can get inspired by checking out some digital stories made on Buncee! For example, educator and tech integrator, Michael Drezek has created the Buncee Global Book, with help from students around the globe!

The book was then printed out and bound!

Educators then create a Buncee Board, and add their students’ Buncees to the Board. Students can add their own Buncees to the educator’s Buncee Board, or Educators may add their students’ Buncees to the educator’s Buncee Board. To learn more about adding Buncees to Buncee Boards, check out Buncee’s help article here. 

Then, educators can submit their class Buncee Board to The Global Write through the form below, from November 1st – 26th to enter the contest. The winning classrooms will be announced in a live stream showcase on December 3!

Where can I enter?

You can learn more information and enter the contest here:

What are the prizes?

Educators will receive a digital badge they can share with all of their students who participated. On December 3, I will host a livestream event, during which I’ll be showcasing the winning stories in each category. The classes with the winning stories will receive a prize! Prizes can include:

  • a classroom book pack, courtesy of Capstone
  • a classroom ebook pack, courtesy of Capstone
  • Buncee swag
  • and more!

What if I'm new to Buncee?

Buncee is very easy to learn for educators and especially students! Educators can sign up for Buncee here, and choose a classroom account to get started. You and your students can try Buncee free for 45 days with the when you enter the code below at checkout:


If you already have a free Buncee account, but need to upgrade to the classroom plan, you can do so by logging in, clicking on your profile picture in the top right hand corner, and clicking on “billing.” You can then select a classroom plan, click “upgrade” and enter the code above. To view step by step how to activate your coupon, check out Buncee’s help article, here.

Students need to have student accounts to create and edit on Buncee. Once your teacher account is set up, you have several options for adding your student accounts. To learn more about setting up your student accounts, you can view Buncee’s help article, here.

You and your students can get started with our easy to use templates, that will guide students through the writing process, and help them put together a completed story. 

What resources are available to help me support my students?

Educators can access these Buncee templates specifically designed to guide students through the steps of writing a story. Then, share with your students, and have them copy the template. They can then edit and use whatever media features they like to create their digital story.

To enter the contest, students only need to share a completed story to their class board, or with their teacher who can add to the Board on their behalf. If they wish, they can utilize this template to create their story:

However, if you choose, you and your students can explore the writing process in more depth, and take time to brainstorm and plan out different aspects of your story, such as characters, setting, and plot, using the following templates:

Register For Special Writer’s Workshops

Plus, throughout the month of November, we will be hosting special writer’s workshops, featuring digital storytelling and writing experts! Join in to learn how easy it is to express thoughts and ideas, and bring your story to life with Buncee!

Special Malay Session: Unleash Your Creative Writing Superpowers

On November 8 at 8pm MYT, join Goh Kok Ming, hosted by Rooban Arumugan, to learn how you can craft engaging and creative stories with Buncee’s wide variety of media options.

Visualizing, Organizing, and Planning Your Story Ideas

On November 10th at 7pm ET, I’ll be showing you how to brainstorm ideas in your own way using Buncee, and you’ll learn how to start organizing your thoughts and planning your story.

Register here 

Fostering Connections Through Collaborative Digital Storytelling

On November 17th at 4pm ET, join Michael Drezek, where you’ll learn how to express your thoughts and ideas with Buncee’s variety of media tools, and you’ll discover how students can work together through the power of Buncee Boards to create a unique and collaborative story, whether they’re across the globe or within your own classroom!

Register here 

Building an Engaging Reading Community for All Readers

On November 22 at 7pm ET, join Shannon McClintock Miller, to learn how to use Buncee to build an engaging reading community for all readers with fun, creative and collaborative projects and ideas. With Buncee, students will connect to reading and writing in new ways they will love.

Register here 

I am so excited for all the students to share their stories, and I can’t wait to see what you all create!

**Disclaimer**  Capstone is not a sponsor of this contest, and is not responsible for judging entries.

All entries will be judged by The Global Write team.