What is
The Global Write ?

The Global Write is a FREE weekly writing experience for all ages. A place where learners can write about the world with the world. 

With a weekly prompt, learners from all over the world can submit their writing and be provided with an authentic global audience and an opportunity to be showcased as part of weekly ‘Global Write’ Champions Corner.

OuR Prompts Are

Inspiring and Global

Inspiring nomadic artist Joel Bergner paints murals with some of the most vulnerable communities in the world. His artwork provides a backdrop for writing prompts that allow learners to think critically and creatively about the messages hidden within his work. 

Connections to

“Be a global citizen. Act with passion and compassion. Help us make this world safer and more sustainable today and for the generations that will follow us. That is our moral responsibility.”

United Nations Foundation

"The Good Life Goals represent an effort to recognize the vital role of individual action in achieving the SDGs. The Good Life Goals lay out 85 ways anyone can contribute towards the huge, planet-changing objectives that sit at the heart of the SDG agenda"

SDG Business Hub
Publish with

Buncee, Flipgrid or Wakelet

Once learners have written their weekly writing piece they can publish to innovative tools such Flipgrid, Buncee or Wakelet. These tools will allow for creativity, unique individualised learning styles and the chance for learners to present to a global audience. 

Teacher Resources

Google Slide and Buncee Presentations

Google Slide and Buncee Presentations of weekly prompts. Teachers can then link these presentations to technology tools such as Google Classroom or Seesaw for easy access for students.


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The Global Write can be used as a weekly writing task or homework to be completed at home. We provide writing prompts that will inspire and motivate your learners to write independently and for an authentic audience. Using tools like Buncee, Flipgrid and Wakelet learners will be encouraged to submit their writing in creative and innovative ways.