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Tourism is one of the world’s most important economic sectors. It employs one in every ten people on Earth and provides livelihoods to hundreds of millions more

Tourism for Inclusive Growth

Tourism is a recognized pillar of most – if not all – the Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs), particularly Goals 1 (no poverty), 5 (gender equality), 8 (decent work and economic growth) and 10 (reduce inequalities).

Help the United Nations promote International Tourism Day and the value of tourism. The impact of COVID-19 on tourism will cost the world economy 4 trillion dollars. Developing countries will be among the most affected ones.

Let's Take A Writing Journey Together

Ralph Fletcher Teacher Hangout

Plant Your Seed

Living in Australia and missing the opportunity to host so many of my friends from around the world when COVID caused OGC2020 to be cancelled. I want to take you on a virtual tour of my home land via a Picture Story Book written by Alison Lester ‘Are We There Yet’.

Our unpacking activity this week is mind mapping. A diagram used to visually organise information. I would love to know all the places you learnt about in the story. Create a mind map with Australia in the middle and share all the places you visited with Alison Lester. 

This week you have two ways to create your mind map:

  1. Create a written map in your writer’s notebook
  2. Create your mind map using 

This week I have shared my unpacking both ways. What you will see is a collection of facts and information. When you prepare to writing piece it is important to collect research and information to help you decide on what genre you may like to create your draft.

Modelled Thinking

Here is my thinking – Bronwyn Joyce ‘The Global Write’ Creator

See my mind map on Miro at

See my sketch noted mind map

Let's Write Together

Prompt 1

Using create a brochure to promote your town or city. Buncee has great brochure templates you can use. 

Share your Buncee with us on The Global Write Buncee Board.

Prompt 2

Using or create a story like ‘Are We There Yet?’ about your city, state, country or a dream country you’d like to visit. Find out about your choice and research. Make sure you include a map so we know where your journey begins and finishes. Be sure to highlight landmarks and significant places of interest in your travels. 

Share your book on The Global Write Wakelet. 

See my ebook created with Book Creator.

Prompt 3


Summer holidays are starting in the Southern Hemisphere and Winter Holidays in the Northern Hemisphere. This year is different as many people decide to stay at home or go sightseeing in their own country.

Let’s see it as an opportunity to appreciate the place where you live.


Answer the questions.


  1. In your country what are your top 3 summer/winter destinations and why?
  2. If you could choose only one of these places to visit, which would it be and why?
  3. Which places are hidden gems where you live that tourists don’t visit but should?


Share your opinions in a flipgrid response.

Let's Create with AMAZELAB

Add the creativity of STEAM to learning, new ideas each week brought to you by the sensational team at AMAZELAB in the UK.


Welcome to my world! 


Your challenge is to invent a new world and invite people to join you and enjoy it as part of their holiday!


What will your world be called?

What is so special about your world?

Why should people visit?

What will they do there?

How will they get there? 

What’s the ideal length of time to stay? 




Create a tourism poster including all the great reasons to visit your world to show people and advertise to them why they should visit you! 


Really looking forward to seeing them. It will be great to escape and visualise your dream place. 


Share Your Thinking & Creativity With The World

Place your AMAZELAB creation on a Buncee and post to ‘The Global Write’ Buncee Board. Take a photo of your work and share it on our Wakelet or tell us all about it in a short video on our Flipgrid.

All you need to do is click on your button of your choice and share your great work with the AMAZELAB Team.

The UN Sustainable Goal and Good Life Goal we are supporting this week are:

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