A student’s voice is a powerful tool. Young people around the world are using their voices to make the world a better place. Having a voice can happen through spoken word, sign language, technology, art, music, poetry, and endless other ways. International Student Voice began in 2018 when the world set a record for how many voices could be shared on a Flipgrid in 24 hours, 4000+ in fact. Each year there is a new prompt as the Our Global Classroom crew lead by Michael Drezek from the USA works toward uniting the world. 


This year’s prompt calls on you to share what you stand for. With the world still facing turmoil as a result of the pandemic, and war breaking out in Gaza it is a perfect time for us all to join together to share how we can make the world a better place. If you are looking for inspiration you can look to the United Nations 17 Global Goals, maybe one of these goals is an example of what you STAND FOR!

Wanting to know what Student Voice Day is all about, take a look at 2019 and all the voices that joined together to make our world a better place.

Plant The Seed - Unpack Your Thinking

The thinking routine we are exploring this week is Pass the Parcel. A routine for fostering intrinsic motivation for deep learning and understanding.


Watch the video and think about what you stand for…

Invite students to think about what they stand for…. and imagine it as a treasure inside a parcel that is wrapped in many layers. With each layer they unwrap, they get closer to their treasure:


As you REFLECT on what you stand for. . . think about connections with the video . . . and your goal for a better world. With these connections, you have unwrapped the first layer of the parcel. 


IDENTIFY significant connections that you would like to explore further and think about why they are significant to you. With each significant connection you identify, you unwrap another layer.


EXPLORE all ways you can to understand what it is about these connections that can help you unwrap the parcel and reach the prize. Each exploration removes another layer. What will you do to ACT on all you have learned, so the last wrapping paper will come loose and your treasure of a better world is in reach?

Modelled Thinking

Here is my thinking – Bronwyn Joyce ‘The Global Write’ Creator

IMPORTANT: Teachers don’t forget to take a photo of your students thinking and post them to ‘The Global Write’ Wakelet.

Let's Write

One Prompt, Many Platforms

This week ‘The Global Write’ will partner with platforms all over the world to provide a place for everyone around the world to share their voices. 


This year’s prompt calls on you to share what you stand for. Think about a better world, the world you want to live in, one where the world is united.  Finish this statement:

I stand for …….


Create a Buncee using one of these templates to share your voice.

Remember to post your Buncee to ‘The Global Write’ Buncee Board


Create a video sharing what you stand for, post your video here on ‘The Global Write’ Flipgrid.


On ‘The Global Write ‘ Wakelet share a poster, a piece of writing, or an art piece and tell the world what you believe will make our world a better place. Finishing this statement I STAND FOR ….

Let's Create with AMAZELAB

Add the creativity of STEAM to learning, new ideas each week brought to you by the sensational team at AMAZELAB in the UK.


How will you make the world a better place? What will you invent and create? What world problem will you stand for and aim to improve?


Here are a few ideas but we are sure you will have so many innovations to make the world a better place and what you believe and stand up for:


Provide clean drinking water for all – would you be able to purify sea or rain water?


Help with mental health – a random act of kindness machine – a place people would be able to visit to talk, maybe even a happy robot, something to cheer everyone up and provide company.  This may even be a video keyring that is solar powered to provide messages of support you would be able to carry with you wherever you go or even a rainbow projector.


A water carrying drone to put out wildfires


Are you able to model a prototype of your design using any materials you have e.g. plasticine, play-doh, card, Lego, materials from nature.


We are really looking forward to seeing your creations 🙂


Have fun everyone


Share Your Thinking & Creativity With The World

Place you let’s write work or your AMAZELAB creation on a Buncee and post to ‘The Global Write’ Buncee Board. Take a photo of your work and share it on our Wakelet or tell us all about your writing or creations on Flipgrid.

All you need to do is click on your button of choice and share your great work with a global audience.

Talk To 'The Global Write' Youth Ambassador Olivia

Can you explain the meaning behind Olivia’s image this week? Olivia was inspired this week by what she stands for. She would love to hear your thoughts about what her image signifies. Send here a message on ‘The Global Write’ Wakelet and I am sure she will leave you a reply.

Teacher Resources

For more information on the Pass the Parcel thinking routine go to https://pz.harvard.edu/resources/pass-the-parcel 

The UN Sustainable Goals and Good Life Goals we are supporting this week are:

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