An epic exploration of possibilities. 

What If – These two simple words are the spark that has ignited countless theories, discoveries, and inventions. Most of what we know about ourselves and the universe is because someone, somewhere, at some time asked themselves “What if?” Join the What If Team on an imaginary adventure — grounded in scientific theory — through time, space and chance, as they ask what if some of the most fundamental aspects of our existence were different.

What If is a documentary web series that takes you on an epic journey through hypothetical worlds and possibilities, some in distant corners of the universe, others right here on Earth.

What If is produced by Underknown in Toronto, Canada ( and made possible with the support of Ontario Creates (

The Global Write Team highly recommends all our followers to subscribe to What If.. on Youtube for endless opportunities to integrate science into your classrooms in a fun and creative way. 

This week we have a powerful topic for you, that connects itself to the concerns we have for climate change and the damage it is doing to our world.  What If…You Were Caught In An Earthquake? 

Let’s explore one of the informative What If… videos

Plant The Seed - Unpack Your Thinking

Using digital media to prompt thinking and to create a visual representation is vital for many student learning styles when thinking needs to be unpacked. This week we are using a film clip from the movie, San Andreas, get students to hone in on the characters and the destruction that surrounds them. 


Then have students:

Imagine the place you live,

The life you planned for,

The people you hold on to,

Where will you be?

Who will you be with?

When everything falls apart.

The visual thinking routine we are learning about this week is the See, Think, Me, We. A routine for connecting to the bigger picture.


Using this template to have students unpack their thinking.

Sketch Noting Example

Here is my thinking – Bronwyn Joyce The Global Write Creator

Let's Write

This week’s prompts will connect to the film clip above, earthquakes, and placing yourself in the shoes of a character. 

Prompt 1


What if you were one of the characters in the Film Clip? The Lady being rescued or maybe the rescuer.

Write a snapshot as if you were in one of the moments.

Think about your feelings right at that moment.

Share your snapshot on The Global Write Flipgrid.

If you have students that are unsure how to start, here is a template to support them to get going. 

Prompt 2

Imagine all the different types of people or animals that could get stuck in the middle of an earthquake. Write a picture/cartoon story from an animal’s perspective. 

Hint: Buncee has great animations and stickers and you could make your own short story using different slides. Then post your story to The Global Write Buncee Board. 

See the example provide of a Buncee Story


Prompt 3

Write an explanation piece of writing using the following title: What causes an earthquake?

Remember: An Explanation always has a labeled diagram attached to the writing piece and contains scientific language.

Post your explanation to The Global Write Wakelet.

Here is a template to support your writing.

Talk To 'The Global Write' Youth Ambassador Olivia

Can you explain the meaning behind Olivia’s image this week?. She would love to hear your thoughts about what her image signifies. Send here a message on ‘The Global Write’ Wakelet and I am sure she will leave you a reply.

Teacher Resources

For more information on the See, Think, Me, We thinking routine go to

The UN Sustainable Goals and Good Life Goals we are supporting this week are:

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