Dollar Street is a Gapminder project – free for anyone to use. Today they feature 424 families in 65 countries, with 43536 photos and 8113 videos and counting!

See how people really live!

Plant The Seed - Unpack Your Thinking

Imagine the world as a street. Where the poorest lived at one end and the richest at the other end. AND everyone in the world lives on this street. 


The visual thinking routine we are learning about this week is the 3 Whys. A routine for nurturing a disposition to discern the significance of a situation, topic, or issue keeping global, local, and personal connections in mind.


After watching the TED Talk video unpack your thinking using these questions:


  1. Why might Dollar St matter to you? 


  1. Why might it matter to people around me family, friends, city, nation?


  1. Why might it matter to the world?

Sketch Noting Example

Here is my thinking – Bronwyn Joyce The Global Write Creator

Let's Write

Before you can do any writing you MUST explore Dollar St. Take your time and explore everything. Take a tour so you know how to navigate around the different parts of the street.

NOW let’s visit and explore Dollar St


Prompt 1

Tell us about one of the families. Share their monthly wage, living conditions, and their dream.

Publish the information in a creative way using Buncee. Make sure you add your Buncee to ‘The Global Write’ Buncee Board..


Prompt 2

Design your own Dollar Street – Draw it, paint it, build it and add some of the families in your Dollar St. Share your design by posting it to ‘The Global Write’ Wakelet.

Prompt 3

Teach others about Dollar St. You are the teacher and you want to educate others about UN Global Goal 1 – No Poverty. Dollar St is your resource. Remember your audience has never seen Dollar St so make sure your instructions are clear.

Talk To 'The Global Write' Youth Ambassador Olivia

Can you explain the meaning behind Olivia’s image this week? She has taken her inspiration from the Dollar St Website ( ). She would love to hear your thoughts about what her image signifies. Send here a message on ‘The Global Write’ Wakelet and I am sure she will leave you a reply.

Teacher Resources


For more information on the 3 Why’s thinking routine go to

The UN Sustainable Goal and Good Life Goal we are supporting this week are:

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