“Teachers: Leading in crisis, reimagining the future”

Over 65 Million primary and secondary teachers have been affected by the pandemic. Learning has been disrupted all over the world. 
As part of Week 1 of The Global Write and joining with UNESCO we are going to focus on all the teachers in our lives and recognise them for their efforts in response to the current health crisis and beyond. 

                         Listen to Kid President Talk to us all.


Junior Prompt (Grades Pre K - 4) - Champion Teacher

Design a poster or a buncee. Your poster or Buncee is to be about what makes a champion teacher. Use symbols and sentences to describe the things that would make them a champion. You can also choose to write a short paragraph using the prompt.


Your prompt –                  ………. a champion teacher  ……..  


The prompt can begin a sentence, be in the middle of your writing or at the end. The prompt must be in the learners writing. 

Senior Prompt (Grades 5 - 12) - World Change-Makers

Kid President asked the question – How are you changing the world?


This week you have a 100 word challenge, to write a detailed description of a teacher or someone who is changing the world. Think of someone that has stood out during 2020 and this global crisis or someone over your learning life. 


What ‘The Global Write’ team is looking for is powerful adjectives to describe the person and evidence of their greatness. Make sure to get as close to 100 words as possible.


Prompt –           ……. leading in crisis ……


The prompt can begin a sentence, be in the middle of your writing piece or at the end. The prompt must be in your 100 word writing piece. 


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Remember you have a week to submit. Week 2 Prompt will be released on Sunday October 11th, 2020. 

Have Fun!


The UN Sustainable Goal we are supporting this week is :

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