Artist/Writer- Olivia Palmer

My name is Olivia Palmer. I am a 12 year old girl in the seventh grade, my first year of high-school with extensive ambition’s. I savour each birthday on the 9 of September. 

My family stretches into quantities of people, however, I live with my mother, father and little sister. We’re all abnormally hysterical on household vacations, but, more traditionally, camping at Paradise Valley. I am unique when owing to my freckles.

 I want to become a Doctor, because, being offered the chance to assist patients as my career will provide me joy, to exist as a doctor is one of many ways I can help change the world. During my spare time I long to write chapter books, and, perhaps, illustrate picture books. I think of myself as humorous, jolly, loud and unpredictable. At school I love writing, reason being, I like that I can control the outcome when deciding the contents. 

My greatest phobia is octopuses, along side jelly fish and leeches, because, I generally fear things that stick to your body and my favourite movie is ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’.   


Olivia recognised as a Global Youth Leader, March 2021

Check These Out

World Children's Day

We see the people of our houses restlessly shuffling through the melting hours, bowed shoulders and heavy eyes. We see hearts preferred in a book, vacuuming up the sentences an author tangled, to see the world bleed into their thoughts. We lay our ear upon our mothers’ soft flesh and feel her chest tighten every time the news silences the house. We taste our heavy, salted, mouldy breath behind a clammy mask competing with moist, weightless liquid that tickles down my throat. We broke the wall and found the sweetness of fresh air again. We see colour in ones smile that stretches to glinting eyes but the only smile that’s contagious is a child. The only ideas that’s contagious is a child. The only love that’s contagious is a child. A child can bring so much to this world, allow a day to appreciate it . . . World Children’s Day!

The Boy, the Crab, the Giraffe and the Sheep

“You’re a flower in meadow of weeds,” said the Crab. “If I’m a flower, than you’re my soil,” said the boy. “I am?” Said the Crab. “Yes, you are,” said the Boy, “and you’re my sun.” “I am?” Said the Giraffe. “Yes, you are,” said the boy, “and you’re my-” “Water!” said the Sheep. “Hmm, yes, you are,” said the Boy. * * * “If I’m a car,” said the Sheep, “than, Giraffe, your my fuel, Boy your my roads, and Crab, your my signs.” “I am?” Said the Boy, the Giraffe and the Crab. * * * “If I’m a cake,” said the Crab, “than, Boy, your my icing, Giraffe, your my plate, and Sheep, your my strawberries on-top.” “I am?” Said the Boy, the Giraffe and the Sheep. * * * “If I’m a blank piece of paper,” said the Giraffe, “than Sheep, your my red crayon, Crab, your my yellow crayon, and Boy, your my blue crayon.” “I am?” “We are!”

Peace Advocate Speech

“What is a ‘Human Right’…?” It’s a security, it’s a freedom, its peace. Let’s acknowledge reality. People are being forced into slavery and receiving unfair wages. People are being wrongly imprisoned and imposed to exist as refugees. People feel overpowered by governments and administrations and feel voiceless, but change isn’t made by people whom feel voiceless and neither is history. But everyone has a voice, the words just need a place in a sentence. And that’s why I’m here. The higher management has concluded the unbalance of deaths and births. The average amount of deaths is increasing. So authorities have demanded women, primarily teenagers, to benefit from $4,000 if pursued as mothers. Its bribery, consumerism and further research confirms this. What would you do with your money? Phone update, newest TV, shiny car. Truth be told the money would be gone within a matter of days. Besides, baby necessities can’t pay for themselves. My point is money isn’t everything. People can’t afford clean water, and this is a natural Human Right. Where is Money going? Definitely not to the people that need it most. Privacy effects, not few, but all of us. It’s a right we all need. When someone interferes with your reputation it leaves a scar on the internet. You can’t undo it. This is why it’s a priority to take all privacy precautions seriously. However, some privacy problems are out of our hands. There is no law to determine ones seclusion, only a mere understanding of its wrong. Everybody has the right to belong to a religion. Everyone has the right to property. Everyone has the right to leisure and rest from work. Everyone is human, despite your gender, colour and religion. Girls have the right to education. We are recognized by male and female, apparently equal, apparently fifty-fifty, and apparently level. This is what the world should be. Instead we fail these standards. We have rules to stay in line. But what line is divided by women and men? I’m not here to tell you what needs to change, only what we’re going to change. Yet maybe saying what I’m going to do isn’t enough. It needs to be done. The world is good for you, so what reason do you need to change the way you live. You don’t have one. So how do the people willing to find the new world see it without your eyes and voice? It’s like a puzzle. You are all a piece of the puzzle. Put everyone together and we can see and enjoy what it looks like. Still why would you help. I did think like this and still do, because, how would I know how this feel’s and what it’s like. Picture leaving your home, your country, even your beloved family, carrying a minimum of money. You’re surrounded by people you don’t know but feel so alone. People have been here. What will you do now? Help make the change. You can, because it doesn’t hurt or effect you but only helps the people in need of your help.

Dear Girls, Being born a girl doesn't give people a right to choose our future, a future is chosen by you. Your eye's will see what you want them to see. You will love who and what you want to love. You will voice what you want to say. You will do what your hands can do and so much more. We are recognized by boys and girls, but being a boy or girl isn't labeling who you are, we're equal. You are You, so embrace it, embrace danger, embrace something people don't think you can achieve and achieve it. Do what you want! There are a million different paths boys can go on, there are a million that you can go on too. You may get lost, you may take a wrong turn, you may find a sign that wasn't what it seemed, but your not following some else's map, your following your own. Reach the standards you never thought you had. Be your girl.