Radio and Peace

Radio is uniquely positioned to bring communities together and foster positive dialogue for change. Irene Lasu is a radio presenter for the UN Mission in South Sudan’s Radio Miraya.

PHOTO:UN Photo/Isaac Alebe Avoro

Radio and Peace

On World Radio Day, UNESCO highlights independent radio as a pillar for conflict prevention and peacebuilding.

An armed conflict between countries or groups within a country may also translate into a conflict of media narratives. The narrative can either increase tensions or maintain conditions for peace. 

In reporting and informing the general public, radio stations shape public opinion and frame a narrative that can influence domestic and international situations and decision-making processes.

Increasing radio’s journalistic standards and capacity should be considered as an investment in peace.

“On this World Day we celebrate radio’s power to nurture and build peace.”

Audrey Azoulay, Director-General of UNESCO

World Radio Day 2023 - Message from Tawfik Jelassi, UNESCO

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World Radio Day 2023: Audios

On the occasion of World Radio Day, UNESCO releases a number of historic audio files that can be used free of charge and without copyright restriction in planning World Radio Day broadcasts and events.

Reporter’s Notebook

A routine for separating fact and feeling.

Choose an audio story and listen to the audio. Also listen to ‘Media Uncovered’

  1. Choose your story and listen to it.
  2. Identify a situation, story, or dilemma for discussion. 
  3. Name the facts and events of the situation. (What evidence confirms these?)
  4. Identify the thoughts and feelings of the characters/participants in the situation. (What evidence confirms these?)
  5. Make your best judgment about the situation, based on this information.

Modelled Thinking

Here is my Reporters Notebook thinking – Bronwyn Joyce The Global Write Creator

Let's Write

Prompt 1

100 Word Challenge

Look closely! Use the picture and write a piece in just 100 words. You can write a story, a description or even a persuasive piece. Upload your writing to The Global Write Wakelet Gallery. Be Creative!

Miraya Radio, South Sudan, UN Peacekeeping Mission

UN Photo: Isaac Billy

Prompt 2

13 Ways to Celebrate World Radio Day

Reseach ways you can celebrate World Radio Day. Find out how radio is used across the world to promote peace. 


Make a digital presentation to share your findings. You could make a video, buncee, or a digital poster. We look forward to seeing what you create when you share it on The Global Write Wakelet. 

Prompt 3

Watch the video and think about the power of radio across the world. Go to and record an audio promoting World Radio Day. Research and draft your speech before recording it. Speak clearly and your audio should be at least one minute long. Make sure you share your audio in The Global Write Wakelet. 

Wakelet Gallery

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Radio, Peace and the Sustainable Goals

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