Nurturing trust – A Media and Information Literacy Imperative

While access to the Internet is increasing worldwide, millions of people still lack access to quality, credible information.

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Nurturing trust - A Media and Information Literacy Imperative

What is Media and Information Literacy?

Our brains depend on information to work optimally. The quality of information we engage with largely determines our perceptions, beliefs and attitudes. It could be information from other persons, the media, libraries, archives, museums, publishers, or other information providers including those on the Internet.

People across the world are witnessing a dramatic increase in access to information and communication. While some people are starved for information, others are flooded with print, broadcast and digital content.

Plant The Seed - Unpack Your Thinking

Description: The Chalk Talk thinking routine provides an opportunity for everyone to be given a chance to be heard. Thinking becomes visible and it encourages students to consider others’ viewpoints.

Topical Questions:

Choose one of the following topical questions


What are our rights online and offline?

What are the ethical issues surrounding the access and use of information?

How can we engage with media, information and communications technologies (ICTs) to promote equality, intercultural dialogue, peace, freedom of expression and access to information?

Looking at the topical question written on the chart paper: 

  • What ideas come to mind when you consider the, question, or problem? 
  • What connections can you make to your responses? 
  • What questions arise as you think about the ideas and consider the responses and comments you have made?

Chalk Talk Examples

Modelled Thinking

Here is my Chalk Talk – Bronwyn Joyce The Global Write Creator

Let's Write

Prompt 1

The prompt this week is 5 words. All the words must all go into your writing but can be in any order. You have up to 100 words to write a creative piece. The picture above might help your generate ideas. 

Your 5 words are: 

Choice, Children, Careful, Community, Content

Prompt 2

Look at the picture, this is a symbol of Media and Information. Use the picture to write a creative story. I know your imaginations will produce some wonderful stories! Remember to post your story to The Global Write Wakelet. 

Prompt 3

Celebrate Media Literacy

Explore the Choice Board thanks to Shannon McClintock Miller from Library Voice

Write a brief report about what you have learnt about Media Literacy. Create a poster to promote Media Literacy and how to be safe.

Wakelet Gallery

Share your stories, thinking and posters with us at our Global Write Wakelet Gallery.

Media Literacy and the SDGs

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