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Connect virtually and watch makers around the world share different projects, learning spaces, creations, coding, 3D designs, art lessons, etc. There will be a session every half hour and they each will have a connected challenge.  When you arrive on, you can view the schedule, challenges, and watch the live presentations above.


The Global Maker Day team will spotlight those that have amazing things to share.  Don’t forget to post your pictures and videos of student creations using #GlobalMakerDay on Twitter or in the Padlet below during and after the event!

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One part of the event is participating in challenges with opportunities for your class to solve problems, be creative, and PLAY. Challenges will be posted on week before the event and given in the sessions during #GlobalMakerDay.


Schedule for Tuesday 12th, October GLOBAL MAKER DAY

Challenges for Tuesday 12th, October GLOBAL MAKER DAY

Watch Global Maker Day LIVE HERE

This Week The Global Write will combine the philosophy of Global Maker Day to ways it can be connected to literacy and learning in the classroom.

Let's Take A Learning Journey Together

This week’s resource I want to share with you all is the amazing work of Trevor McKenzie. He is someone who has and continues to inspire me in all the education work I do. We share a similar pedagogy to learning and it was Trevor’s first book ‘Dive into Inquiry’ that launched me into inquiry learning in the classroom. I now have all his books and recommend them as a resource for all educators.

              Bronwyn Joyce The Global Write Founder and Creator

The below statements taken from his website shows the person he is and how he understands what learning should look like. Inquiry learning connects perfectly with the philosophy behind Global Maker Day.


What do you truly love to do?

That single question put educator Trevor MacKenzie and a struggling student on an unintended and life-changing journey of inquiry, discovery and meaningful learning.  It was a journey that completely reshaped the way MacKenzie leads his classroom.

With the belief that all students deserve a chance to dig into their wonders and curiosities, MacKenzie proposes a scaffolded approach to student-centred learning by identifying the Types of Student Inquiry: Structured, Controlled, Guided and Free Inquiry.  Each type requires students to take progressively more control over their own learning.  This inquiry-based learning model equips students to become lifelong learners by nurturing wonder, curiosity and agency in the classroom.


As a discussion point with your colleagues and your students here are only a small sample of Trevor’s sketchnotes, to seem them all go to

Let’s meet Trevor as he shares Chapter 1 – The Inquiry Teacher from his book ‘The Inquiry Mindset’.

Plant Your Seed

This week as we combine our thinking about Global Maker Day and having an inquiry mindset. I thought our unpacking technique would have a design focus this week. Designing is a very important part of recording our thinking. 


If you could design anything to then make what would it be? It could be a new sleigh for Santa, a new bike helmet to stop magpies swooping or maybe it could be a supersonic, automatic dunking basketball.


In your writer’s notebook design your invention or maybe you are innovating something to help make the world a better place. 


Lets learn about these global youth inventors, innovators and campaigners.

Sample Ideas

To share your designs this week we are showcasing DotStorming. Add your design by double clicking on the board and uploading your image. We can not wait to see all your different designs.

Let's Write Together

With great honour I would like to welcome Annie Woollard, founder and SDG guru of Footprints on the Globe. Annie collaborates with schools, educators and corporations to inspire all to EDUCATE + EXPLORE + ACT = GLOBAL CHANGE. Annie will providing our Global Write learners with inspiring tasks that link to the world and inspire thinking and creativity, 


This week’s prompt is for everyone. 


Access the google slide and follow the tasks, you will find two tasks. We can not wait to see what you can tell us about Global Goal  9 – Industry,Innovation and Infrastructure and what action you are going to take as part of Global Maker Day. 

You can publish your work in Buncee or Wakelet. 

Let's Create with AMAZELAB

Add the creativity of STEAM to learning, new ideas each week brought to you by the sensational team at AMAZELAB in the UK.


This week Leonie and the amazelab team have decided to share how to make a rainbow in a box. 

To create a rainbow in a box you will need:

Cardboard box e.g. used cereal box





Old CD


Follow these instructions:

  1. Very carefully and with adult permission make a horizon cut along the edge of the box to create a holding place for the CD
  2. You now need to create a viewing window, this needs to be above the CD holding place approximately 2.5 cm from the top of the box. This area will allow you to see the spectra of light reflected from the CD.
  3. Turn the box round. Now create a horizontal thin cut in the cardboard positioned just above the CD holder section on the opposite side to allow light to pass through on to the CD
  4. Place it in the CD in the section created for it.
  5. Take your box outside on a sunny day pointing the top cut section up to the sky but making sure you never look directly at the sun.
  6. Your rainbow will appear inside the box!


Really hope it is enjoyable. 

The amazelab team would love to see your rainbows in box and your rainbow reflections. Share them with us on the Global Write DotStorming Page:

The UN Sustainable Goal and Good Life Goal we are supporting this week are:

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