The Hope Campaign

For many schools around the world you are having your first classes face to face for the year. Here in Australia, my state Victoria is experiencing lockdown 7.0 and students are in remote learning once again. They have faced over 200 days of being locked down due to the COVID crisis. 

If you are new to ‘The Global Write’ WELCOME and if you are one of our 200+ teachers joining us again get excited for a new and innovative year packed with critical thinking, global themes and innovative ideas. 

Whether you join us weekly or every so often, make sure you share your thinking, writing and creativity with us so we can celebrate your greatness with the world.  

– Bronwyn Joyce ‘The Global Write’ Founder and Creator

Right Now The World Needs HOPE

As we watch what is happening in Afghanistan, schools continuing to be lockdown, climate change, child labour and trafficking and Refugees. This century, more children will be on the move than ever before in history. We need to hold on to HOPE that things are going to get better some time soon. 

IS HOPE WORTH HAVING? Lets listen to Junah Jang, she is an inspiration to us all.

Lets Take A Writing Journey Together

Plant Your Seed

“When students write from experience, they can breathe those specifics into their writing- dialect, odd smells, precise names of plants- that can animate even the most tired and tedious text.”
― Ralph Fletcher, What a Writer Needs

Flight of Hope

See Think Wonder

This week’s thinking routine from the Project Zero Thinking Routine Toolbox is See Think Wonder. A routine for exploring works of art and other interesting things.
  • What do you see in this global picture?

  • What do you think about what you see?

  • What does looking at that is image make you wonder?

Modelled Thinking

Here is my thinking – Bronwyn Joyce ‘The Global Write’ Creator

Let's Write Together

The Global ‘Hope’ Campaign

The Global Write team are asking teachers, students, families and communities to spread the word and ask the question 

What Is Your Hope?  

We are challenging you to make a difference, to have a voice to unite the world. Place blackboards, whiteboards, posters in your school ground, hall ways, classrooms, even staff rooms. Hope covers so many areas of life and connects to all the UN Goals.

Lets hear see and hear some examples of what parents, teacher and students in past years have defined as hope. 

Share Your Thinking & Hopes With The World

This week you have three things to do:

  1. Write about your hope and share it in a flipgrid video. 
  2.  You could also make a board in buncee or with colourful pens and hang it in your classroom. 
  3. Post your photos of your classroom or school hope boards on The Global Write Wakelet.

Teacher Resources

For more information on the See, Think, Wonder thinking routine go to 

The Global Write Supports The 17 UN Sustainable Goals and Good Life Goals

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