Welcome to ‘The Global Write’.

Each week you will find a creative, innovative and truly global prompt to write about. Instructions will be included with the prompt and a junior and senior version so all ages can be involved. 

You don’t have to be in a classroom to join, ‘The Global Write’ is for everyone. It is about connecting and collaborating through writing. With my passion and love for the Writer’s Notebook and Critical and Creative Thinking what a better way to combine both. Writing is a great way to express thoughts and feelings. 

Writing is one of the toughest skills for kids to learn. ‘The Global Write’ will support reading comprehension, transcription, sentence construction,  genre and content knowledge, planning, revising, editing and self-regulation. Thanks to tools like Flipgrid, Buncee and Wakelet learners have a place they can express themselves through writing. These tools support all learning styles with videos, photos or typed up pieces all ways to publish each week.  

The prompt platforms will be open for a week (Sunday to Sunday) to submit writing pieces. New prompts will be uploaded every Sunday afternoon AEST. Champions of the week will be showcased on the Champions Corner Page. Each featured writer on the page rewarded with a Champions Certificate. 

Let’s get excited about our first prompt to be released on Sunday October 4th, 2020. 

Happy Writing,

Bronwyn Joyce

Founder and creator of ‘The Global Write’.


“Description begins in the writer’s imagination but should finish in the reader’s.”

Stephen King


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