Light It Up Blue

World Autism Awareness Day aims to shine a light on autism to increase awareness about people and especially children who have autism. There is also hope to develop world knowledge about autism and deliver information on how important it is to detect an early diagnosis.

Autism affects both men and women of all races in all countries. It has an especially large impact on children and is immensely common. This is precisely why raising awareness of autism is essential.

Ways of celebrating World Autism Awareness Day include:

  •  reflect to see how you can support people with autism in a way that changes lives.
  • Sharing information online to spread awareness in your online communities.
  • Support a local family whose child has autism.
  • Getting involved in events run by autism communities.
  • Listening to people you know who have autism about what it means to them.
  • Donate to an autism organisation.
  • Engaging in discussions with your children so that they become aware and accepting of their similarities and differences.


                        –   Information from Twinkl

Autism Wakelet - Want to know more?

Plant The Seed - Unpack Your Thinking

This week’s thinking routine has been adapted from the routine Values, Identities, Actions. 


Let’s watch the pixar animated short episode from the film LOOP. After watching, think about autism and people with autism and unpack your thinking using the thinking routine – Values, Identities, Actions.


VALUES What values does someone being autistic invite you to think about? (Values are kinds of things that people value – fairness, justice, safety, respect, traditions, a nation or group a person belongs to, creativity, anything like that.) 

Dig a little deeper with any of these questions: Are they your values? Others’ values? Whose? Does autism affirm or challenge VALUES or raise puzzles about these values? 


IDENTITIES Who is autism awareness speaking about? And who is this awareness trying to speak to? (Not necessarily the same people!) 

Dig a little deeper with any of these questions: Is anyone left out of the story that should be in it? Do you fit in or not so much for this story? Why? 


ACTIONS What actions might autism awareness encourage? (Actions could include doing something concrete, refraining from doing something, just learning more, etc.) 

Dig a little deeper with any of these questions: Who’s actions – yours, others, what others? Why?

Sketch Noting Example

Here is my thinking – Bronwyn Joyce The Global Write Creator

Let's Write

Joined by the international community, hundreds of thousands of landmarks, buildings, homes and communities around the world come together on April 2, Autism Awareness Day, to Light It Up Blue in recognition of people with autism and those who love and support them.

Prompt 1

Spread, Share and Support Kindness

You are an advocate for World Autism Awareness Day and you are giving a speech on the day about everyone being different in their own way. How would you spread, share and support kindness? Post your speech to ‘The Global Write’ Flipgrid.

Prompt 2

Share Blue

Create a sign using Buncee or your own creative materials that promotes the symbol of wearing blue on April 2nd, World Autism Awareness Day OR you might choose to redesign this sign for Add your sign to ‘The Global Write’ Buncee Board.

Prompt 3

Wear blue and kindness

Write a persuasive piece or an information report that supports the understanding and acceptance for people with autism. Post your writing piece to ‘The Global Write’ Wakelet.

Talk To Our ARTIST Olivia

Can you explain the meaning behind Olivia’s image this week? She has taken her inspiration from World Autism Awareness Day. She would love to hear your thoughts about what her image signifies. Send here a message on ‘The Global Write’ Wakelet and I am sure she will leave you a reply.

Teacher Resources

For more information on the Values, Identities, Actions thinking routine go to 

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The UN Sustainable Goal and Good Life Goal we are supporting this week are: