Week 6 – Campaigners for Change

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This week ‘The Global Write’ in partnership with the Buncee Team will showcase the inspiring work of two students Tanmay and Yug from India. These boys are campaigners for change working to achieve Global Goal 13 – Climate Action. Together they will share their story and ask you all to make a change. By sharing your ideas in a Buncee this week, together we can make a difference.

The United Nations Global Goals promote that the young generation of today should be the world’s Inventors, Innovators and Campaigners as explained here by Emma Watson. This week we want you to be a campaign leader with Tanmay and Yug.

Week 6 Prompt - Campaigners for Change

Tanmay and Yug have made a video to share their vision with us all. As you watch the video, start to think about how we can address Climate Change and how you can Campaign for Change. 

Prompt 1 - Make a Change

This week “The Global Write’ Team would like you to design a campaign poster on Buncee. Your poster is to persuade people to make a change. You need to convince your audience who will be the world to dispose of their waste or to recycle in a way that helps the planet. 


Prompt – Choose One 

Convince people: 

  1. to dispose of waste effectively
  2. to recycle. 


DON’T FORGET – Use an inspirational Buncee background and lots of  Buncee stickers and animations to make your poster and your idea stand out.

Prompt 2 - Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

This prompt is about making a change to an eco-friendly lifestyle. Firstly, think about what does eco-friendly mean? Too many schools and communities are not eco-friendly and it is your chance to convince them to make a change.


Prompt- Be the Change-Maker. Using buncee create a campaign slideshow that convinces your school or  community to change to an Eco – Friendly Lifestyle. Eg Introduce no wrappers in the yard, compost bins, recycling procedures or you may have your own ideas. See if you can present your slideshow to someone important like your Principal and convince them to try your idea. 


On your Buncee Slideshow you could:

  • Embed a video pitching your idea 
  • Use stickers or animations to brighten your slides. 
  • Try the new AR function. 

Publish Here

All publishing this week is to the ‘The Global Write’ Buncee Board as we showcase Buncee and its creative and innovative tools to support classrooms all over the world. 

See the Week 6 ‘The Global Write’ Google Slide click here. OR you may like to add your Buncee to the Wakelet as well as the Buncee Board. 

The UN Sustainable Goal we are supporting this week is :

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