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Week 5 Prompt - School of Future

Have you ever thought about being a Student Entrepreneur?

The School of Future’s Mission is to Future-Proof Students.


Future-proof: /ˈfjuːtʃəpruːf/ adjective 1. (of a product or system) unlikely to become obsolete.

They define it as: You truly feel ready to take on the evolving world. You know exactly who you are, you know the value you bring, and you have the skills, tools, and mindsets required to disrupt the world.

They help students become purposeful, collaborative, and entrepreneurial.


Their Students are Change-makers and Innovators, you can be too.

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Prompt 1 - Jobs of the Future

Watch the Video – 

100 Kids Tell Us What They Want to Be When They Grow Up | 100 Kids | HiHo Kids

The Global Write team is super excited to find out – What do you want to be when you grow up?

Your prompt – In the future I want to be ……….

Make sure in your writing you tell us why? Maybe you could design a new job, something that might help the world in the future. Make sure you describe your job for us.

As well as writing, remember we love to see pictures, creative Buncee’s and especially rocking flipgrid videos. 


Prompt 2 - Employment, Skills and Education

Watch the video

This week Prompt 2 has two tasks – 

1. Create a profile on Wakelet or Buncee 

2. Pitch your idea on Flipgrid. Are you ready?

Dream Big


1. My job or business idea for the future is …..        I want to …… 

  • Create a profile like one of the School of Future students. Use Buncee or Word. Make sure you post your profile to the Buncee Board or Wakelet. See below Example.


2. Pitch – You have One Minute to sell to ‘The Global Write’ Team how your job/business or innovative idea could change the world in the future. Watch my friend Jack Bonneau Pitch his idea on Shark Tank USA.


This Week 'The Global Write' Team is looking for the best Prompt 2 ideas to recommend to Aditi AGRAWAL Founder & CEO of the School Of Future for a chance to attend one of her FREE CLASSES.

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The UN Sustainable Goal we are supporting this week is :

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