Strengthening Communities Through The Power Of Art

“We believe that through the process of creating collaborative art, diverse communities can come together in times of conflict and social turmoil to address the challenges they face together. “

Prompt 1 - The Creatures of a World Without Violence

Watch the video about ‘The Creatures of a World Without Violence | Artolution & Escola Vidigal’

This week ‘The Global Write’ team would like our writer’s to create a creature that showcases your identity, showcases you.

Our aim is to see pictures of creatures that share your personality.  DON’T FORGET to write about your creature and tell us how it represents you. 

We hope, thanks to the Artolution Team, learners will understand what it means to be unique. 


Prompt – Draw a creature and finish the sentence: 

My creature is like me because ……………..


Remember learners can write more than a sentence. We encourage them to tell us all about how they are unique and describe themselves through their creature. 

Prompt 2 - Syrian Refugee Camp Brought to Life through Art

Watch the ‘Artolution’ Video 

“As the Syrian War rages on, desperate civilians continue to pour across the borders into neighboring countries. While they have escaped the death and destruction of war, many refugees now find themselves in desolate refugee camps across the region. Other refugees pack into towns and cities, straining services and resources, leading to strained tensions with local populations. Lives are on hold and official work is prohibited. While international humanitarian organizations scramble to provide food, shelter and medical care to refugees, other critical needs often fall through the cracks, such as educational and creative activities for youth to focus on, trauma relief and mentorship programs. There is a lack of arts and culture that enrich the human experience and no platform for refugee voices to reach out to the world to tell their own stories.” 

                                                              – Joel Bergner 2017 ( )

Prompt – Picture Prompt 

Who is this Girl? What is her story?

In 100 words describe the girls story by looking at the two pieces of Art on the shed walls. The Global Write Team are again looking for powerful adjectives to describe.

Hint – Start with an opening sentence that will blow us away. 

IMPORTANT INFORMATION – After letting everyone get used to the format of ‘The Global Write’ I am so excited to share that we will be looking for Champion Writers this week to SHOWCASE.

‘The Global Write ‘ Team will also be providing feedback to our writers so make sure to check back next week to see your feedback. 

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