Week 3 Theme - #shapingourfuture

United Nations Day October 24th, 2020

The UN is marking its 75th anniversary at a time of great disruption for the world, compounded by an unprecedented global health crisis with severe economic and social impacts. Will we emerge stronger and better equipped to work together? Or will distrust and isolation grow further? 2020 must be a year of dialogue, when we come together to discuss our priorities as a human family, and how we can build a better future for all.

Week 3 Prompts - Shaping Our Future

Watch this video from the United Nations

Join the Conversation. Be the Change. The UN is turning 75 and they want to hear from YOU: What are your ideas for #ShapingOurFuture?

This week we will all work off the same prompt with a little twist for each promot. Think about your future and the type of world we all want to be living in.


What is your WHAT IF for a better world? From watching the video closely the people speak about their WHAT IF? And anwer what it would look like .

Prompt 1

The Global Write team would like to hear in a video or see in a sentence/ paragraph or a creative Buncee of your WHAT IF for a better world. We would love to see pictures and drawing as well to match your WHAT IF…


Prompt –    What if we lived in a world where…..

Prompt 2

The Global Write team wants you to think deeply about the world now and the world we want to be living in, in the future. The United Nations are looking as far as 2050 now. We want to know your WHAT IF for the future is and the vision you have. Use the video to spark your imagination and thinking. 

Your Prompt:     What if we lived in a world where…    My vision for the future is…….

Sample Writing Piece

My WHAT If is – What if we lived in a world where all children could go to school without discrimination and the fear they may not make it to their senior years. My vision for the future is all children reaching their learning potential and working in the jobs of their dreams. Equal pay for girls and boys and a global education system that promotes critical thinking and creativity. 

                      – Bronwyn Joyce  Creator of The Global Write. 

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The UN Sustainable Goal we are supporting this week is :

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